Thursday, June 28, 2007

depressed ramblings

i'm waiting for something interesting to happen...i mean, really, boredom needs a break sometimes!

it's one of those depressing cloudy days...
i wonder if nature does this stuff on purpose to bug people! no, i guess she does have better stuff to do...
someone bring out the board games, and order pizza...pleeeaaase!

i should be writing poetry, cloudy, depressing days bring out the poet in me...and i write depressing poetry, which depresses other people, which in turn depresses me some more...
ain't i just such a bundle of joy?!

even my cat hates me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this is stupid...

it's 11:55, on wednesday night, and i'm here...typing stuff!
this is downright stupid!

i started keeping a journal when i was thirteen...and this is exactly what it felt like, initially...stupid! it's been five years, and i haven't ever stopped writing, so u know!

if you're reading this...i'm sorry, it's really late, and a better part of my brain has signed out for the night!
i'll post some better stuff soon, i promise...
till then,