Sunday, July 27, 2014

getaway love

The quaint bungalow in the hills, the family, the dog, stolen white rum, rain in the mountains and conversations in a star-lit garden.

The cottage in the middle of nowhere, hill paths and adda as the sun goes down beyond the mountains, and the lights come on.

The mist slowly descending from the mountaintops, hypnotic silence, the blue café and steaming glasses of ginger lemon honey.

The lake palace glittering at the centre of an expanse of water, the city lighting up in the distance, the fireworks, good whiskey and good company.

I’ve fallen in love with getaways. Thank you.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I've been keeping a diary since I was 13.

It started small, with a sentence a day scribbled into a tiny datebook. Then it became less regular, till it turned into just an erratic paragraph or two, scribbled on any available sheet of paper.
Over the years, my diaries have changed shape, size and texture.
The way I write has also changed.

What hasn't changed is the joy of going back and reading my old entries.
It gives me perspective sometimes and sometimes makes me facepalm at the silliness of young me.

Either way, going back to my diaries reminds me that everything passes.
When you look back, things that once broke you, make you smile.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


It amuses me how female leads in hindi movies almost never have boring desk jobs. If they have jobs at all, that is.
They always have some quirky or fun occupation like school teacher or artist. Something that involves meeting new people or dealing with kids.
So that you can see how lively, fresh-faced, compassionate and fun-loving she is.
Of course!

The hero, however, may well be an investment banker or entrepreneur. So that he has tons of money to lavish on her when they finally meet and fall in love. But he has also sort of lost himself in being a workaholic or some such.

So she rescues him from his bleak life. He learns to smile again, loosen up, enjoy himself, live again… stand atop a mountain and scream “I’m aliiiive!!.”

And she can then proceed to comfortably settle into the life of luxury that his years of toil and being a workaholic have yielded.
Ah. Perfection.