Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nothing to be done.

i'm taking two completely different courses this semester, that are simultaneously trying to explain to me the futility of human endeavor.

i'm too young for such cynicism. o_O

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Severus, please..."

have you watched the new Harry Potter movie?

if you haven't, may i offer a teensie bit of advise? don't.
at least not if you're a Harry Potter fan (or were, a couple of years ago...because we've all moved past that phase!).
if, however, what you really want to watch is a half-assed romantic comedy, with dark, broody undertones, go right ahead!

let me ask you this, did you enjoy 'The holiday'? you know, the kind where two or more inter-connected couples all hook up at the same time?
now imagine random bits of the film salad-tossed with a Hamlet inspired plotline.

there you go!
you've practically seen it now! :)
yes, you're welcome! *benevolent smile*

also, the moment towards the end where Dumbledore pleads with Snape, which in the book was beautiful and heartbreaking, is so blah! :(