Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This stranger of a city is seducing me. In it's own, rough, arid sort of way. Even as it bustles, blares and blazes all around me, my bubble of serene wonder at waking up 1400 kms away from 'home' stays intact.

Everything is new. and yet, not quite. Life goes on. but when you resume it in a different place, in unfamiliar conditions, it surprises you every so often.

The other day, the auto I was taking to work took an abrupt turn halfway down a dingy lane, and suddenly I looked up and saw the ruins of some Mughal structure or the other. Tucked away like a secret gem in a dirty corner, in the heart of a city that is too busy to notice.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


hello there.

who are you?
yes, you, nosily reading these words I've typed. do I know you?

if you are still reading my blog at this point, you've either just stumbled upon it, or are a very old friend who just comes back to read me out of a compulsive sense of loyalty.

or you're someone else. I don't know who you are. but i like the idea of you reading me, like a distant pen friend. quaint like that. but you never write back.

it's like writing to daddy long legs. :)
have you read that book? you should, it's lovely.