Monday, February 13, 2012

birthday blues

My birthdays have always been bad.

For whatever reason, my birthday is usually the day the universe decides to pile misfortunes on me. This often extends to include the week leading up to my birthday. As the fateful day draws nearer, my days are littered with mishaps, both minor and major, making me increasingly grouchy till I just about want to curl up and die.

By this time, the blessed day has arrived and I begin it with a growing sense of dread as well as a complete sense of dejection and emoness. Nothing ever goes according to plan, and as the day progresses the series of unfortunate events increase in frequency and intensity. At some point during every birthday, I sit in a corner and brood.

I lose things on and around birthdays. Friends, wallets, little bits of my sanity.
So, new plan! now i get drunk on my birthdays! I know bad things can happen when I'm drunk too (perhaps they become that much more likely :P), so I do it in the safety of my home, surrounded by friends.
But no matter what I do, my birthdays are always a bit blue. (and yes, I rhymed. sowhat?)