Wednesday, July 11, 2007



The lid is slammed shut, all is silent,
A few tears shed, a few heads bent,
The coffin is lowered into the freshly dug grave,
The epitaph reads: 'Resurgam, death is but a slave.'

Winter is here, cold winds blaze,
The Juniper stands alone in the wintry haze.
“I wait for when the birds will hum,
Resurgam, spring will come.”

The music dies out, the lights dim,
He bows deeply to the people before him.
The actor stands alone with his talent and his knack,
“The last role is played, but, Resurgam, I’ll be back.”

Dusk approaches wiping away all light,
The Autumn sky darkens, welcoming the night.
The sun sets, removing all sorrow, all pain,
Assuring: “Resurgam, I shall rise again.”

[“Resurgam” is Latin for “I shall rise again”.]


'remember where we are now
open your eyes,
take it all in,
remember where we are now,
this is where your life begins...' ('remember' by Allister)

that's playing on the CD-player right now...and yeah, it fits!
i'm ready to do this...this fresh-start thing is waaaay exciting...
sooo ready to take life by it's bunny-ears!

this is what i wanted...this is how it's s'posed to be...
why are my palms all sweaty?!!

it's easier this way...

And when you see me tomorrow,
I’ll be wearing that smile
The one you love…

You’ll believe me when I say I’m fine,
You know better…
But some things are best left unsaid,

It’s easier this way…

I’ll be reassuring, and comforting,
And I promise, I’ll have all the answers,
You’ll never know
How lost I really am,

It’s easier this way…

I simplify, organize chaos,
Sort disorder into neat categories,
Don’t remind me how confused I am,
Trust me,

It’s easier this way…

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Change is a good thing…right?
Then why is it that I’m having trouble letting go? What if I don’t want to grow up…don’t want to move on?
What if I want to stay? Just take a break, quit running for a moment…

I’m not just another face without a name…not a rebel…just me…
And I’m not sure that’s good enough.

But tomorrow’s a new day…