Friday, April 17, 2009

this song is stuck in my head.

Indian summer

sometimes i feel like i'm made entirely of sweat and grit.
weary from the overwhelming, exhausting heat of the afternoon. the breeze flickers and dies around me.

i carry the flustering heat of the dreary summer, carefully tucked into my hair, like a forbidden letter, an outrageously beautiful trinket.
Now i become the heat.
i can see you flinch as you come closer.
even as you touch me i can feel you recoil, subconciously.

i wait for it to rain. i can wait forever. there's a summer sun in my soul that devours the water before it reaches the ground.

for now, i want to wear a flower in my hair, every day for the rest of summer.

Monday, April 6, 2009

somewhere along the line of increasing whiny-ness, i realise that my blog has become a rant-blog.
of course I'm entitled to the occasional outburst, or a meltdown here and there, but I've been writing way too many rambling, pointless, sad-sigh posts.
which is why I've stayed away from my blog for a little while.

anyway, now that it's spring/summer, and everything's all tralala, I've decided to start posting again.
which is just another way of saying that i have very little to do, and am usually bored silly. so I'll brighten your days with my delightful banter. and i promise i won't much.