Monday, April 21, 2008

encounter with salon-hag

i HATE salon-hag!!
okay, i take that back...but i really, REALLY dislike her.
salon-hag makes me feel really bad about the way i look.
it's just the way she looks at my unstyled hair, un-manicured claws,
and finally the eyebrows!!
first she frowns, then she goes 'tut-tut', in the most annoying tone EVER...then she tells me that i should get them done more often...then she shears them off for me.
thank-eww...i looove how my hair looks now...not!
i'll not even mention the eyebrows...because they're mostly gone. *sigh*

you know salon-hag, there's one in almost every beauty-shop: 50+ matronly woman, frowny face, large, really mean.
you know.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

someday, I'll become them.
someday I'll crush the air out of someone else's lungs with my carefully cultivated misery.

my assorted pains, sealed away in jars...allowed to decay until they're fetid enough to suffocate me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

broken things

broken things get fixed, with just a little bit of time and glue!
when each little piece had been put together...there was such profound sense of happiness in me.
I didn't know i could fix things!
usually things are either too big or too complicated to just glue back into place.

so, thankyou Somdev, for smashing the stupid thing!