Friday, June 20, 2008


okay, I've been putting this off for a little while, but I've been tagged by Reeti, and i like this tag, and therefore i shall do it! because it's MY blog, and i can. so ha-ha!

the reason I've been avoiding writing this is that my first day at Jadavpur was not what i would have liked for it to have been at all, not even close. and i wish i could say that without offending people who probably won't even read this.

i remember a lot of the same things as everyone else :rain and mudsquelchy JU, filling in the fee-book (at which point someone at the table lost her head completely, and said: "ekhane ki school-er naam likhbo?"!) on the day of the admission,
and PB's aquaguard and vampires, Mandy's very colourful skirt, and somebody beside me crying her eyes out (and when i asked, the girl next to her told me that she couldn't believe she actually got into JU!)
yes, i was just a leetle freaked! but i was insanely happy because i really liked the place.

but my initial experience at JU was rather different, more difficult than for those who already knew other people in class. everything i did, was a sort of experiment.
making new friends was not incidental, it was more of a conscious decision.
like steering clear of the people i hung around with on the first day, almost immediately after they asked where i was taking tuitions from.

my first day at Jadavpur was a disappointment.

and eventually i made the change (at the cost of sounding bitchy and inconsiderate: i ditched some people, and I'm sorry), and I'm glad i did.

thankew (yes yoo, and yoo, and yoo etc.) for making the Joo so much better for me :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


how long do cockroaches live?
if they're not squashed underfoot as youngsters, that is.

there's this cockroach that sneaks into my loo every night, and waits patiently behind the wash-basin till i come in and shoo it away, at which point it scuttles back down the drain-pipe.

it's a gentle, harmless creature.
but I'm not sure if it's the same cockroach, because it's been turning up with extreme regularity every day for about a month now!
do you suppose it's a whole bunch of cockroaches who decided to take turns to visit me?

anyway, it needs a name, what should i call it?

Sunday, June 8, 2008


random things i remember:

#1. stuff: the HPFC, Wayne Rooney, OJ, the badge, Schumacher.

I and S, i miss you, but i hope i never run into either of you again.

#2. crush:
'Bosco beats' (band performances) 2005.
lead singer of the DBPC band was cute, and had this silkysmooth voice and a dimpled smile...he sang 'She will be loved'(yes, i know it's a corny song.)
instantcrush :)
don't remember his name.

#3. conversation:
NC: let's meet at Abhinandan at 10, okay?
RK: 'Abhinandan'!! is that what we always called the place?!
NC: that's what the store is called, stupid!
RK: na, kintu the name sounds so stupid!
NC: haan, naam-ta bhishon corny, na?
RK: sounds stupid when i say it now...

i miss school.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


there was a war.

but this is how all my battles go:
i scowl (while trying to think up arguments that will stump the enemy),
i say mean things (tell the person they don't deserve my love\loyalty\attention\affection\respect), i scream\stomp my feet\sob\try emo. blackmailetc.(depending on who i'm up against)
i always, ALWAYS have the last word.
and obviously, i stop talking to the person afterwards.

eventually i find myself in the same room\classroom\bus\cab\car with person in question, at which point i do the stupid-grin-i'm-NOT-sorry-but-let's-not-do-this-again routine.
always works :)

you must understand that this doesn't happen that often, so sometimes things get royally screwed up. but when things go according to the battle-plan... *yay*

the warlords

my Dida taught me the art of verbal warfare.