Wednesday, July 29, 2009


there are no patterns, no order, not in anything.
it's all a maze of flitting, whirring images and moments. everything and everyone, a constant frenzy of activity. like there has been way too much caffeine.

the campus is always a fierce, vivid green this time of year. everything is overgrown, and bursting into fresh blossoms.
monsoon is our spring, i think.
the narrower paths have been engulfed by the tall grass in many shades of green, and even the trees that had been uprooted by the storm, have decided to take root and sprout bright green stalks and leaves.
the jheels are full to the point of overflowing, and after each shower there's always the overpowering scent of damp earth to look forward to.

meaningless conversation, over strong milk tea.
JU is home now. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we all fall down

i had a great fall.
much like Humpty Dumpty, only slightly less severe.
there wasn't as much damage, and they didn't have to bring in the King's men, although there was talk of getting in touch with some of the horses.

falling down is actually quite spectacular, if you think about it. here's a person, normally entirely in control of all their movements, who suddenly slips/ stumbles, loses their balance completely, and in what is quite often a swift, almost comic motion, lands on the ground with a resounding thump!
to the person in question, of course, it is slightly less entertaining. but there's that moment in the middle where you're swooshing through the air with absolutely no idea where you are, or what's going on, quite clueless about when or where your bottom will come to a rest. it's a little like being drunk!

anyway, the point is, the only thing seriously injured, was my ego (and my left palm, which went quite red and achey for a while). and i shall never again giggle when people randomly take a tumble.