Thursday, June 5, 2014


This month, ‘it’s a jungle out there’ turns seven years old.
Seven! My blog is the same age as a moderately sized child! My God!
I wonder if this blog is one of those things that get better with age.
Probably not.

But in all these years, I’ve stuck to my principles. I’ve not succumbed to the blog-glitz and glamour trends and corporate propaganda.
I’ve not switched to WordPress, added any fancy widgets or ads, jazzed up the template, or even changed my picture for God’s sake! :\
Maybe that’s why everyone went away.
Hello? Anyone out there?? *crickets chirping*

Anyway, I’m very fond of this blog. It’s a faithful record of my rantings and ramblings since I was a puny first year, thoroughly awed by college. I’ve incurred people’s annoyance through this blog (one time), made people laugh (chuckling mildly counts!), even met new people here.
It’s been a quite a journey.
Happy birthday, blog.