Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'yesterday once more...'

I miss school…I mean, I’m not saying this isn’t freakishiously amazing…college, I mean. It’s great, but I still miss everything about school.

It was familiar, for one thing! Fourteen years of security within those walls, my school- my sanctuary, always!
Well, it hadn’t always been great; I’ve had my share of horrid days, but you forget some…and by the time it’s over, all you remember is how wonderful it all was compared to the confusion that came after.
But we’ve sorted that out, haven’t we? And now the ‘settling down’ has begun…and yes, I’m feeling better.


(from my window)


It rained today.

I can’t even begin to describe the rain…I can tell you that I love it, that it’s beautiful, but that’d just never be enough!
But it always makes me feel better, even the buckets-of-water-pouring-down-am-soaked-to-the-bone kind of rain!
It soothes, it cleanses…
Time doesn’t stop, when it starts raining, but it stops being important…

Like steaming coffee on a cold day, or a hug when you need it…rain, always makes me feel better.
It’s reassuring…

Thursday, August 23, 2007


she's my miracle!
she's really a lovely person...when she wants to be nice!
she purrs and snuggles up to you, and is a delightful warm an fuzzy cushion, especially in winter!
but you try giving her a bath! fluffiness flies out of the window, and she fiercely clings on to you, refusing to retract her claws! oww!
gullu - the only individual i really truly care about, everyone else can take care of themselves!

at dusk

at dusk
FINALLY!!! it's taken me this long to actually upload one of my photos!
digicams rock!


not guilty,
just not ready to forgive myself yet...
it's not about you,
not your fault...

just give me a moment,
some of my own time,
to catch my breath...
i've been running too long.

and childhood tiptoes out,
coffee with friends, sudden showers...
and the stillness closes in,
no, i can't see myself in the dark.