Wednesday, November 24, 2010


my (tussock moth) caterpillar spun a cocoon, and tucked itself in for about a week. then he emerged as a moth (a rather ugly one, he was much prettier as a caterpillar), and flew away.

it was fascinating to watch the whole process unfold, from gorging on basil leaves (he was called Hoover for his voracious appetite), to carefully constructing a cocoon out of delicate silver threads, to emerging altered beyond recognition. imagine going to sleep one day, and waking up with wings the next. must feel amazing. :)

then i had to let him go.

*empty nest syndrome*

Monday, November 15, 2010


In researching for my term papers recently, I've come to realise that two of the four papers I'm taking this semester, are deeply unchristian. every other webpage i found, was run by religious interest groups, warning people against the agents of the devil, who walk among us.

Rock music is the sound of the devil, every rock band and musician in history having sworn their allegiance to Satan, set out to do the only sensible thing for them to do: corrupt young minds through the spectacle of stage shows, and rousing lyrics, steeped in evil.

The other course, queer studies, is even more evil of course. given that God doesn't approve of homosexuality. though he does love homosexuals.whatever that means.homosexuals too have set out to corrupt children, and push what is known as 'the homosexual agenda' under peoples' noses.

I'm so glad I'm not Catholic.