Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i'm reading a book called A Matter of Taste: the Penguin Book of Indian Writing on Food, and this picture is on the cover:

the book is an interesting read, but the cover is what really caught my attention. i've realised that only in a Jamini Roy painting does a cat get a whole lobster to itself.


Anonymous said...

the last sentence is verrrry funny.

Magically Bored said...

Haha, I second Bhooter Raja. :)

CheshireCat said...

:) :)
I love post. And painting.
P.s. Do cats like lobsters? I'm assuming they do. What about Gullu?

cyber monkey said...

@ Bhooter raja and Magically bored,
thankews :)

i wouldn't know! like i said, it only happens in paintings! :D

Madhura said...

hey but i think it's a pretty typical poter chhobi...which he painted slightly differently...there are people tree tee shirts with the painting/print of cat and lobster and a cell phone with the caption underneath reading "working lunch"

Arse Poetica said...

saalaa ami jamini ray er potochitro painting er her miaowness hoilam na kyaan?

tui bhaari mojaar toh!

cyber monkey said...