Monday, June 15, 2015


Okay, this might sound enormously creepy to you, but I have a slight thing for wounds.

Let me clarify, I am no fan of large gashes or disembowelment (except in gore movies), nor am I an angsty self harm enthusiast.
Nope. notatall!

On the contrary, I try to avoid injury at all cost.
However, when the occasional unavoidable corporeal damage does occur, I am incredibly fascinated by the mechanism of it, and the efficiency with which my body heals itself.

Having a cat means being constantly subjected to affectionate nipping and games involving claws, which often result in gashes. I find myself carefully observing these small tears in my skin scab over and heal over the span of days, sometimes weeks.
I think it's beyond cool that cuts on my palms and fingers, that is, parts of my body that are constantly in use or in contact with objects, heal much faster than those on my forearms.

Blisters heal differently, a fine layer of skin forming under it, as the upper damaged layer slowly peels off. Burns are a different story, as are deeper cuts, which might scab over, but stay fragile underneath for days.

Hangnails are the devil's own invention, so are paper cuts. Both are tiny and deadly, all at once.

The newest addition to my small collection of wonders is a "blood blister", which resulted from accidentally pinching my hand in a door. It looks about as scary as it sounds.
Now to wait and see how it heals.

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