Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dogs are resilient

Dogs are resilient beyond belief.
The starving, the wounded, the abandoned and the infested
All survive.
Somehow, they persist.

In the face of calamity and
The cold calculatedness
Of human atrocity,
They persist.

In the driving rain,
And in the scorch of May heat,
You’ll see that one dogged mongrel
Trying to find shelter where there is none.

They will follow you home,
And wait like stupid children
At your doorstep
Even after you have slammed the door.

They will run to you, tails wagging,
After you have kicked them
For the umpteenth time,
For no fault of theirs.

Except that they came too close
Seemed too happy
Wanted to play.
And you’d had a bad day.

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